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Tim Seston

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From Page To Play
Tim Seston
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Tim Seston
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I have always enjoyed a good rhyming picture book, especially one in which the writing leaves the adult reader thinking, "Isn't that clever?"
I wrote poems in high school to be used as scavenger hunts for my little sisters.  Once when they were in high school they followed me through Harvard Square as I left them rhyming clues.  Later, I wrote similar type rhymes for camp fires and other activities while working as a summer camp counselor.  When it was time for graduations and wedding toasts for family and friends, my pen was at the ready.  In recent years it has been new baby wishes and other party invitations.  Now I have fine tuned my craft and write
children's stories. If only I could draw. . .
Photo by Sally Zimmerli
My wife, children, sisters, brother, father, nieces, nephews, inlaws, colleagues and friends have all been inspirations.  However, it is my mother, Louisa Page, who passed along this particular talent to me. 
She was an amazing person and my family lost her to cancer far too soon in July of 2002. 
From Page To Play is dedicated to her memory.

When I am not telling stories and singing songs here is where you might find me:

During the school year I live with my wife, Sally and our three sons:  Charlie, Luke and Owen
and a house full of students in Admadjaja House at
Concord Academy in Concord, MA.
In the summer I head to East Falmouth on Cape Cod. 
Hope to see you someplace soon.