A New Beginning by Tim Seston

A new beginning - it’s not the end
For we take pride -  in who we send
in to the world
Let’s take a moment – and make some noise
In celebration – for every boy
And every girl.
We’ve had a fabulous time - We think it sure is a crime
That you all have to part
But we all know it’s true – that every one of you
Is ready to make a fresh new start

A new beginning – it’s not the end
A new beginning – for all our dearest friends
We think that you have made the most of this last week
We know that you will find success in all you seek

A new beginning – it’s not the end
We’re so excited – around the bend
There’s more to do
Let’s take a moment – and shout with glee
In celebration – on the count of three
For all of you
We’ve seen the people you are – we think you’re gonna go far
We wish you much success
And then whereeve you go - we hope that you will know
We're right here routing for you - oh yes.
A New Beginning
Who I Am
The Rock

The final number of The Rock is one of hope.  At the end of most
journeys is the start of something new.  The most worthwhile
adventures are those in which we gain from the experience and
take with us the successes, failures and memories that aide us in
future endeavors.