Animal Talk by Tim Seston

A horse says, "NEIGH"
When it’s asking to play
A duck says, "QUACK"
When it's time for a snack
A cow says, "MOO"
When it’s talking to you
A chick says, "CHEEP"
As it fades off to sleep

So if I were to say
First MOO and then NEIGH
I want you to be
Out here playing with me

But if I were to peep
First QUACK and then CHEEP
It's cookies I please
Before catching my Zs

You're on the right track
How 'bout NEIGH and then QUACK
I'm not being rude
Just playing with my food

You're in this quite deep
Now MOO and then CHEEP
Yup, you got it right
It's time for night, night
Animal Talk
Playing Together

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