Scissors and a Crayon by Tim Seston

The full cast is in the Arts and Crafts room making the project
of the day.  Each table sings a different part that creates a
background chorus for Olive's more introspective solo.  

Table 1:  Scissors and a Crayon (x,x,x)  . . .
Table 2:  (x,x) A stapler, a hole punch and glue  (x) . . .
Table 3:  Duck tape – I’ve got some Duck tape – I’ve got some .
. .

Olive is sitting at a table with others but is in her own world


If I had a ruler and a pencil
I could draw precisely what I please
Sitting at my table, I have all the time I want
Everything is just right.  I’m at ease.

There is nothing better than a paintbrush
Colors dripping slowly from the sky
Raining in my room, all the flowers are in bloom
Tears start welling up inside my eye.
Scissors and a Crayon
Who I Am
Once in a Lifetime

At a conference of The Children's Music Network, I attended a
workshop in writing songs with multiple parts.  The idea of the
workshop was that you could build up the song using short
repeatable phrases and simple harmonies.  Then the lead singer
could build off the themes were set up by the rest of the

In the original production not all the actors were accomplished
singers but each table was able to hold a part and provide the
background for this artsy song.