Walk with Me
Here To Play

Luke seems to have less spasticity in his arms and legs when listening to
music.  When he was two years old Diane, his physical therapist, used to come
to The Performing Arts Center at 51 Walden to work with Luke while I hosted an
infant and toddler musical performance.  Luke was more relaxed and better able
to work through the exercises.  One morning after therapy, Diane asked me to
write a walking song.   
Walk with Me by Tim Seston

If I were to walk down the side of the street
With a song in my heart and some dance in my feet
It would sound like this X Xx X X (x3)

And if then I decided to walk real slow
And look all around at the places I go
It would sound like this X      X     (x3)

But then once in a while I’d like to know how it feels
To be a little speedy and to kick up my heels
I never mind if I’m going to be last
There are necessary times when I’d like to walk fast
And it sounds like this XxxXxxXxxX  (x3)

Most of the time I keep an even pace
Because I know that life isn’t winning a race
So I sound like this X Xx X X (x3)

So come walk with me.  Won’t you be my friend?
We can walk together to the very end.
We can sound like this X Xx X X (x3)
Yes together we sound like this X Xx X X