Zig Zag Hiking Blues by Tim Seston


Set off in the morning not sure that I’m awake
I’d be better off in bed in my cabin by the lake
But my friends say buddy - what’s going on?


One step and then the next and then the path gets mighty steep
I abruptly stop my story and my breath gets slow and deep
So my friends say buddy – what’s going on?  


It’s like a gig gag mic-ing, got the zig zag hiking blues


I’m a mule up on the mountain with a fifty pound pack
With supplies to last my life and it’s all up on my back
Yes my friends say buddy – what’s going on?


I stop to drink some water, grab a handful of some food
When it’s time to start again, my muscles just aren’t in the mood
And my friends say buddy – what’s going on?


I’m not a big bag liking - got the zig zag hiking blues

(Horn Solo)


We keep on marching forward beating blindly up the trail
The view from up above is like the hiker’s holy grail
And my friends say buddy – what’s going on


The end is now approaching, just a few more rocks to climb
The sun has started rising, it is like the dawn of time.
You know my friends say buddy – what’s going on?


It is so jiggity, jaggity striking – got the zig zag hiking blues

It’s the hippity hoppity you know I can’t stoppity
21st century Zig Zag Hiking Blues
Zig Zag Hiking Blues
Who I Am
Once in a Lifetime

I wrote this song during pre-camp soon after being on an
orientation hike with other new counselors.  We were meant to
reach the summit of our hike in the early evening, sleep overnight
near the base, and head back to camp by noon the next day.

Instead we got lost on the early part of the hike.  By the time we
had found our way again it was too late to go ahead as planned.  
Instead, we set up our tents, went to bed early, and planned for a
night hike that would have us arrive at the summit at sunrise.  
Gear for the sunrise hike included our sleeping bags, our
cameras, some extra layers, a little bit of food, and my guitar.  

Back at camp a few days later, I used this song to introduce the
musical and generate enthusiasm.  It was a hit.  Every person in
camp knew the chorus.  Our camp videographer used an early
version of the song as the background music for his week 1 camp
recap.  On the day of the show, Teddy, who was played by one of
our oldest campers, really got the audience involved in this Act 1

In the studio, our team of musicians, led by Nivedhan Singh
reproduced the original vibe of the song.  I particularly love the
trombone solo by Justin Bull and piano parts by Anne Silverman.
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