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So much of the day to day activities help prepare me for telling stories and singing songs for a live audience.
March 2014 - My twin boys, a friend and I were having a dance party and making up songs including "Double Dip."  Luke loves to
dance on the floor and Owen has perfected some interesting moves this past year.  They both have regular dance party to start their
day at the Concord Integrated Pre-School.  Our 6 year old neighbor filmed the earliest version of this new song in progress.  When
it is complete I'll add it to the CD:  Playing together.
May 2014 - I'm getting prepared for the summer library theme with songs about science.  I wrote a fun melody about DNA while
bouncing on our trampoline with my boys.  Then one morning I was thinking about the scientific process and how a pre-schooler
might understand the concepts.  I wrote "Read It In My Science Text" and made a silly home video about how to get a cup that is on
the top of the counter.  You can find the lyrics to the song in CDs:  Playing Together.
to read.  My wife is a history teacher.  A colleague passed along to her a copy of the essay "Collage: Your Cheatin' Art" by Peter
Elbow.  It was an interesting read about the effectiveness of the literary collage and got me thinking about my website, writing stories
and songs and performing for young children.  The work that I do is a collection of random thoughts and experiences.  But the
message I try to share is anything but random.  I just got back from KindieCOMM in Phildelphia where I networked with others in
the children's music industry.  In a few weeks I'll attend a workshop presented by friends/storyteller in the LANES community.  In
September, I'll head to Virginia to the Children's Music Network national conference where I will lead a workshop about song
writing called From Play To Page.  My album "Here To Play" will be ready for the conference.  
February 2014 - I am in the final stages of planning for the Children's Music Network New England Conference to be held in
Arlington, MA on Saturday, March 22nd with Keynote Speaker - Steve Roslonek.  I'm also heading down to Washington DC with
to be held in Leesburg, VA in September.  
Update - While we were in DC we were part of the making of the
CMN conference invitation video.  See if you can spot the family.
April 2014 - On a nice sunny spring day Luke was outside playing with his cousin Sam's drum set.  I pulled out my guitar and we
started playing all different songs.  Annie grabbed her camera and we filmed a version of "Here To Play" - the title track of my
upcoming album.
June 2014 - Recording the album:  "Here To Play" is going great.  We have "finished" half of the 16 tracks - though not really until
the The other half of the songs have rough guitar and vocals.  Most songs are accompaniment by the talented Anne Silverman - her
arrangements help my melodies come alive.  I am recording at Wellspring Sound in Acton, MA with Eric Kilburn.  Eric has been
terrific in sharing his musical and recording expertise.  We are on schedule to release the album at the end of the summer.
January 2014 - My New Year's resolution is to redo my website with new features and better navigation.  I thought about hiring
someone else to do this work for me but decided that it is fun doing the work myself.  I am an educator as well as a children's
entertainer and I am a life long learner.  My new website will reflect all of this.
Update - The new website was up and running in mid February.  The editing process is ongoing.
I am Here To Play at KindieCOMM March, 2015 - I land in Philadelphia on Friday with a bag full of CDs, some butterflies in my
stomach and a little luck on my side.  “Here To Play” has been out since September, 2014 but this weekend I share it at
KindieCOMM.  I make it out of Boston despite the snow continuing to fall.  In Philadelphia I head to World Café Live to network
with others in the children's music business.  I am surrounded by many talented people and am eager to share in the collected wisdom
of this group as I continue to learn more about this career of making music for children.
Oct 2015 - Another trip - this time to Zion, IL to sing, learn and play music with my friends in the Children's Music Network.  This
time I am bringing Luke along.  We enjoy the opening square dance and the Friday night performances.  Saturday morning we meet
Andrea Green and are in awe of her work for the past 30 years as well as the Emmy Award winning documentary "On the Other
Side of the Fence."  She invites Luke to play one of her songs and we have both made a new friend.  Stuart Stotts gives us a
compelling keynote about the importance of words and kindness.  Later in the day, I lead a workshop where I invite attendees to
share their personal story and a song.  I kick off the session with Luke and Owen's birth story and "Start Your Day."  Saturday night
Luke takes the stage with Andrea playing her song, "Good Friends" and then later accompanies me with his tambourine in n a fun
rendition of "Rolling in the Mud."  Saturday night, I write a new song, "To Be Kind" and perform it at the closing ceremony with help
from a handful of others.  Andrea and Luke have a laugh on Sunday morning and Luke chuckles, "I'm on a roll."  "Yes," says Andrea
"You are . . . and Tim you now need to write that song."  I did so a few days later.  It's always great to share a weekend with
wonderful, like-minded people.  It was even better to share the experience with Luke.
January 2016 - Happy New Year.  I've got some new projects on the horizon.  I'm in the beginning stages of a new album with the
working title:  "On a Roll."  I am also making more videos with my three boys. We've taken some good footage over the last month
and will be sharing a new one soon.  Most importantly, our family is looking forward to getting a new handicap accessible van.  
Thanks to our friend, Deb Wysopal, for helping us put together a
crowd funding site to help us with the cost of the conversion.
we decide to make a video.  "Start Your Day" seems like a great first song to film.  We have fun choosing some of our favorite name
TheBackyardBuds19.  Take a look, have a listen and enjoy.  
Summer 2016 - I've been spending the summer with my family on Cape Cod, The Adirondacks, and Maine enjoying the great
outdoors.  Most recently I performed at a campfire for 8-10 year old boys and their college age counselors at Camp
Poko-MacCready in Willsboro, NY.  I told stories from my first album, "Wake the Imagination", sang songs from "Here To Play" and
introduced a few of my songs from my upcoming album "On a Roll".  It was fun talking with these older kids about the creative
process of being a children's entertainer.  The boys got a good taste of what I feel is important.  Looking forward to an upcoming
concert at the River's Edge Arts Alliance Family Fun Night in Marlborough, MA.
day that I parent, teach, observe and play with the children in my life, new obstacles surface, new solutions emerge and new questions
Children's Music Network Annual Conference.  He is a collaborative partner.  His influence is clear.  Together we are "On a Roll."