Birthdays and Other Private Parties

Invite Tim to your home or other location for an intimate
performance of stories and songs.  Now you can enjoy the same
great entertainment of a big event up close and personal.  Tim
write a new story or song using fun information you tell him about
your child and include it in the show.  Browse Tim's CD page to
see lots of great examples.
Classroom Visits

Tim writes stories and songs with vivid imagery, age appropriate
content and clever rhyme.  He has a great sense of cadence and
a dynamic baritone singing and speaking voice.  Additionally Tim
has been a music, math and science teacher in a full range of
classrooms throughout his career.  He does a wonderful job
creating the perfect performance for any classroom experience
adding variety, movement and audience participation for any age
Festivals, Conferences and Community Events

Tim has played in indoor, outdoor, large and small venues.  He is
easy to work with because he understands the details  that event
planners consider in putting together a great program.  Tim has
experience with fundraising, assembling a group of volunteers
and asking for local businesses to get involved.  He is a member
of the League for the Advancement of New England Storytellers
LANES) and is a New England regional representative for the
Children's Music Network (
Workshops - From Play To Page

Tim is playful with both his words and actions.  He has developed
an 8 session workshop program to help elementary school aged
children generate ideas through play.  Each session focuses on a
different aspect of the writing process:

Plot Development
Setting the Scene
Creating Characters
Sharing Different Perspectives
Climactic Solutions
Writing in Rhyme
Poetry and Prose
Stories as Songs

These workshops are great for school classrooms but can also
be condensed into one workshop for adults or writing groups.  
Tim presents at festivals, conferences and other events.  

Tim's 2014 Workshop Venues include:
Feb 15th - The 3rd Annual Boston Storytelling Festival
Sept 20th - The Children's Music Network National Conference
Library Shows

Tim also writes stories and songs to meet the needs of the
Massachusetts Summer Reading Program. The 2013 theme was
"Dig Into Reading".  This summer libraries across the state will be
looking for science stories and songs and in 2015 they will be
celebrating our everyday heroes.  Come hear Tim's clever lyrics.

"Dig into reading, go get a book
Find an adventure, everywhere you look
Uncover knowledge on any page
Dig into reading at any age."

"It's your DNA, C, T, G & A.
It's what makes you you and also me too
It's your DNA and your parent's way
To pass on the fun to each daughter and son"   
Teaching in Concord

After a career as a high school math and science teacher Tim
nda a stay at home Dad.  He and his wife Sally live at Concord
Academy where Sally teaches history and coaches basketball.
His three boys are growing up in a wonderfully diverse setting
with high school kids from the local area and around the world.  
Tim also teaches music part time at the Milldam Nursery School,
5th grade science part time at the Fenn School and coaches a
variety of sports in the community.
Special Needs

One of Tim's twin boys has cerebral palsy but that hasn't stopped
the family from enjoying life and having fun.  Rhythm, rhyme,
movement, and repetition are great for all children but especially
for those with special needs.  Tim has learned how accessible
music and storytelling are to children.  Go back through the stories
and songs in Tim's collection of CDs and this time read them as if
you are a child with a special need.  Can you identify with the
main character or the main idea?  Children and adults feel a
sense of normalcy when reading or listening to a story or singing
or listening to a song.  Imagination, play, kindness, spontaneity,
friendship and many more of Tim's themes are all so important for
individuals to feel part of an integrated community.   Tim performs
at a variety of venues and is always flexible with his program.