Good To Be Four

This album has the songs that I've had fun singing while watching my youngest audience sit
in the laps of their caregivers and over time gain the confidence to interact with the songs.  I
love when a baby stops crying when I play my guitar.  I love when a one year old makes the
sign for thank you or more at the end of a song.  I love when a two year picks out a word in
one of my songs, gets up from his or her seat, finds a related toy from the floor and presents
it to me.  I love when a three year old gets a little more brave and lets loose to the rhythm of
the song.  

Then, it's good to be four.  I love when a four year old puts all these things together, sits
down and clearly enjoys the song.  It is gratifying to be part of this early education before they
turn five and head on the bus for their first day of kindergarten.    

The nice thing about these songs, is that my older audience still likes listening to them as
well.  Perhaps because these older kids like to think about what they were like when they
were younger.  Or maybe it is because they are written with an adult perspective of watching
a young child play and learn.