Read It In My Science Text
Playing Together
How did it get up there?
Even on my tippee toes
I am too small, that’s how life goes
Sometimes it’s just not fair

I think I better brainstorm
Of ways to get my cup.
Mom and Dad are busy now
It’s up to me to think of how
I might try climbing up

The drawers under the counter -
Don’t climb them there too weak!
The chair out in the hallway -
I’ll have to drag.  That’s not OK!
For dragging leaves a streak.

Here is my hypothesis
For climbing way up there
Read it in my science text
I’ll tell you all what I did next
Because I like to share

I went to get that textbook
It has a sturdy spine
So do others on my shelf
I carried them back by myself
The total equaled nine

I made uneven piles
And built a small staircase
Climbing up I must confess
I cannot lie that my success
Left a grin right on my face
musicians were searching for songs about
the scientific process.  My idle time
seemed like it could be best used in writing
a new song.

Here is what I came up with that morning.

Although nothing to do with cups on the
counter, I did get the job at Fenn.