Jelly and Coral
On a Roll

I wrote Jelly and Coral while on vacation in Florida.  Looking out
across the vast ocean I was thinking about all the possibilities that
we have in our lives.  There are people who are always up for an
adventure.  Others prefer to stick with what they know.  

I love explaining the word "whim" to children.  It is a fun word to
think about as well as a fun word to say.

Jelly and Coral by Tim Seston

Young jellyfish said, "Do you know what I crave?"
To be carried away by a gigantic wave,
To travel across all the oceans and seas
Riding a whim as it floats in the breeze.”

“What is this you speak of?” said Coral to him.
“I never have heard of this thing called a whim.
Is it something man-made like a boat or a raft
Or some other fanciful kind of a craft?”

“It’s better than those and more simple to use,
No motors or sails or directions to choose.
Just follow the water wherever it flows
Catch a ride with the wind wherever it blows.”

“But then what happens next, I mean won’t you get lost
How will you return and what will be the cost
You’ll be all by yourself unless you count strangers
Won’t you need guidance to face the seas dangers?”

“You’re missing the point.  It’s adventure I need.
I’ll have to take chances.  That is guaranteed.
Who knows where I’ll go or who’s kindness I’ll favor.
But the journey is one, I’m sure I will savor.”

“Well if that’s what you want, I cannot make you stay.
Here comes your big wave, you must be on your way.
But always remember where you got your start
And know there’s a place for you here in my heart.”

“Well thank you dear Coral, now I’m at a loss.
I hope that our pathways will once again cross.
Take good care of your self be strong and be brave.”
And with that Jelly left on the next great big wave.

“There goes a kind fellow, that young Jellyfish
Off riding his whim, he’s been granted his wish.
But I’ll remain steadfast; yes here I will stay,
For other young jellies and more fish to play.”