Like a Dinosaur
On a Roll

Like a Dinosaur is so much fun to play with the children at Milldam Nursery
School in Concord, MA.  It is my most requested song because they love the
suspense as well as the opportunity to stomp and roar during each chorus.  
Some of the children enjoy the chaos while others like the opportunity to
think about something scary in a safe and fun classroom setting.  

I invited neighborhood children to the studio to sing, stomp and roar.   This
was one of the three songs that the chorus of children learned and

Thanks Ainsley, Carter, Ella, Elizabeth, Jacob, Maisy and Zora.

Like a Dinosaur by Tim Seston

Jack was determined today he would find
Answers to riddles that cluttered his mind
He mapped out a plan and drew up a chart
Counted his clues and was ready to start

One – I found footprints that don’t make much sense
Two – are the gaping new holes in the fence
Three – I heard noises while sleeping last night
Four – I’m suspicious that something’s not right

Stomp, Stomp - all around the floor
Stomp, Stomp - like a dinosaur
Stomp, Stomp - let me hear you all roar
Then quiet right down and I'll tell you some more

First were the footprints as large as a Jeep
Spread ten feet apart and sunken down deep
What do you think could make something like those?
Something that’s bigger than me I suppose

Second I noticed the fence had some holes
Each just as wide as two street hockey goals
What kind of beast could have made such a mess?
Something that’s bigger than me I would guess


Third I remembered those deep rumbling roars
That rattled our windows and all of our doors
What could make noises so fierce and so pure?
Something that’s bigger than me I am sure

Fourth I know something is terribly wrong
I think that the source will come before long
Jack put on his coat and slipped on his shoes
Picked up his notebook to write down more clues


But just as he opened and walked throught the door
Once again Jack heard that deep rumbling roar
He looked straight ahead and his eyes opened wide
A T-Rex was standing in his back yard outside.

It was a strange thing or so you may think
To play with a beast that you thought was extinct
But Jack and the T-Rex had hours of fun
Before it went home and their play date was done.