On a Roll
On a Roll

Luke's motorized wheelchair arrived the day before his
fifth birthday and he has been on a roll ever since.

In October of 2015, Luke and I were in Zion, IL at the
Children's Music Network annual conference.  We went to
workshops, sang at the Round Robin, and enjoyed meeting
others who enjoy singing with children.  One of the friends
we met that weekend was Philadelphia based teacher,
composer, director and Emmy Award winner: Andrea

We had attended a workshop where she shared
information about the documentary of her original musical:  
"On the Other Side of the Fence."  During the workshop,
she invited Luke to play piano with her.  He was grinning
ear to ear.  At breakfast on Sunday morning she and Luke
were telling jokes to each other and at one point she
laughed and he said, "I'm on a roll."  I wrote this song on
the plane ride home.  

On A Roll by Tim Seston

I’m on a roll I’m the star on the stage playing tambourine
I’m on a roll down the hill by the river where the grass is green
I’m on a roll.  Not a bagel or a muffin or a buttered scone
I’m on a roll in my chair on adventures like a rolling stone

First stop on tour, down on Cape Cod                                               
We’ll catch some fish with my new rod.                                
Cook up a feast, the fire’s bright                                    
We’ll sing my song, all day and night.                               

Next stop on tour New York, New York
In Chinatown eat Mu Shu Pork
Play Central Park a nice big crowd
We’ll rock and roll and roll and roll and roll . . .  but not too loud

Third stop on tour the Liberty Bell
The band’s warmed up and gives them,
Hello Philadelphia
Here’s what I crave, if you so please
Come sing my song, eat steak and cheese

Last stop on tour, the White House lawn
We’ll camp out all night and sing ‘til dawn
Eat brunch, talk politics, but that’s not all
One final concert out on the Mall