Little Charlie's Monsters
On a Roll

Chilly Little Charlie and Charlie at the Park were recorded on my first
album:  "Wake the Imagination".   Other Charlie stories will eventually
surface on future albums.

In real life Charlie was a champion sleeper.  But, as new parents, it didn't
matter, for we were still waking up much more during the night than we
had ever done before we had children.  It is no wonder that sleep issues
seem to be the number one topic among new parents.  

In this song I envisioned the Mom and Dad pretending with their young
son and chasing him around the house.  It is a playful scene that I have
enjoyed as a parent and remember fondly from my own growing up years.  

When we were in the studio and discussing other instruments as part of
the arrangement, I thought of a Tuba and a Vioin.  The Tuba represents
the lumbering parent who slowly and methodically tracks down the child
letting him or her escape at the last minute.  The Violin represents the fast
moving parent who laughs and jokes with the child as the parent and child
chase each other around the house.

The Green Monster is a shout out to the Red Sox baseball team here in
the Boston area.  I also have another silly green monster that I brought
home one year after a holiday gift swap.  When the time comes to settle
down for the night it is always good to have a stuffed animal or other bit of
security for comfort.   

Little Charlie's Monsters by Tim Seston

Little Charlie lay awake.
"My parents made a big mistake
They put me all alone in bed
With thoughts of monsters in my head."

There was this guy with matted strands
Of furry hair on five red hands
He liked to make a silly noise
While juggling little girls and boys

And then there was the great blue one
That all who've tried could not out run
With four toes on every paw
She tickled every child it saw

Another thing through yellow hair
Had three bright eyes with which to stare
When it was time for hide and seek
A pair would close but one would peek

An orange girl had two thick tongues
She used them both since she was young
To catch the children she had seen
With dirty cheeks and licked them clean

A purple beast with one strong arm
When left at home would do no harm
But when he traveled into town
Would turn the children upside down

Charlie called to Mom and Dad
And told them all the thoughts he had
But they were ready, well prepared
They knew he'd been a little scared

They brought a monster colored green
That was real big and looked real mean
And Charlie hugged it good and tight
It kept him safe throughout the night