Yellow Room
On a Roll

Yellow Room by Tim Seston

Under a Bright Blue Sky
In a purple house
In a yellow room
Lived a small black mouse
Now he had bright pink eyes
And a tongue of gold
And he’s been singing this song
Since he was seven years old

He's singing
Beda Bada Beda Bada Beda Bada Beda Bada
Beda Bada Beda Bada Beda Bada Beda Bada
Beda Bada Beda Bada Beda Bada Beda Bada
Beda Bada Beda Bada Be

Now the small black mouse
Met a couple of boys
In the yellow room
Making plenty of noise
And with his golden tongue
He taught the boys a song
And now Isaac and Owen
Sing it all day long

They sing Beda Bada . . .

Now in the purple house
Under bright blue sky
Isaac and Owen
Dress up in disguise
One wore a pirate costume
And a dinosaur
And they were shouting out orders
And they were barking out roars.

And they sang Beda Bada . . .

In the yellow room
With his eyes bright pink
That small black mouse
Gave the boys a wink
Because Isaac and Owen
Taught all their friends too
Now everybody's singing
With me and you.

We're singing Beda Bada . . .

I received a call in the winter of 2015from a woman asking if I was free
that Sunday to perform for her twin boys.  She had gotten my name
from friend and fellow performer, Liz Buchanan.  Liz  had thought that I
would empathize with the mother of twins and also enjoy this kind of gig.

Liz was right and I was free.

Mom gave me lots of information about her boys and the party.  I used
the following and had fun writing the song:

Names:  Teddy and Tommy
Pre-School:  The Yellow Room
Favorite Colors:  Black and Blue
Purple and Pink
Sister:  Anna
Favorite Pretend Play:  Pirates and Dinosaurs
Both love to sing

The song was equally about my own son, Owen, and our upstairs
neighbor, Isaac.  The two of them have spent countless hours using their
creative imaginations, playing together, and of course making plenty of
noise.  In recording the album I decided to use Owen and Isaac.  When
singing the song live I can choose any two children and change the
names.  I love having volunteers come join me on stage to act out my