Bright Blue Jeep
Here To Play

As a child I enjoyed many laughs and outdoor activities with
neighbors and friends.  I played lots of cards and board games with
my parents, older brother and three younger sisters.  

. . . and I spent  countless hours as a child playing up in my room with
all kinds of building blocks, stuffed animals, and other random toys.   

Independent play was and still is a time to be my most creative self.  
When I am alone, I don't need to worry about filtering my thoughts or
be overly concerned about what is real and what is pure imagination.  
The ideas start flowing.  People, places and events from my past get
jumbled with books I've read, songs I've heard and dreams that are

Bright Blue Jeep was a song I wrote for a boy named Andrew to debut
at his birthday party.  His mother gave me a few great nuggets of
information about Andrew and I drew from my own childhood
experiences to create this story.

I especially enjoy singing the chorus with the youngest children in
Sheila McCauley's class at the Milldam Nursery School - Concord , MA

Bright Blue Jeep by Tim Seston

One night after dinner Andrew went to his bedroom
Where he took out his LEGOs from the shelf on the side
He liked to make tall towers and all kinds of houses
He created a city but was not satisfied
For there was something else missing from his new creation
How could Andrew forget the most important of toys
He searched all of his tractors, his assortment of trucks
And found the bright blue jeep that made the magical noise

Clap your hands six times:  X X X X X X
Drive the bright blue jeep:  Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom
Hear the whistle blow:  X X X X X X
Honk the horn:  BEEP BEEP

Then all of a sudden, the incredible happened
So rapidly in fact that there was no time to think
Andrew started to spin.  He spun faster and faster
On the sixth time around Andrew started to shrink
And so then Andrew was standing at the base of a tower
Near a yellow farm house with a dog and a sheep
He was mighty confused when his cousin Max arrived
In the middle of the road in his bright blue jeep


Cousin Max said to Andrew, “Let’s get out of this city.
Want to go for a ride.  Climb up and over the door.
I’ve got watermelon and some blueberry muffins
Let's go eat, swim and play at  the New Jersey Shore
And so then Andrew was riding with his Cousin Max
Out on the big open highway in the bright blue jeep
The humming of the motor made Andrew so drowsy
And within a few minutes he had fallen asleep


When Andrew awoke he stared up out of the window
As the bright morning sun was shining right on his head
He was back in his house in his very own room
Beneath his comfy covers on his cozy bed
When Andrew looked at the floor this is what he would find
A half eaten muffin and a watermelon rind
Every one of his toys was piled up in a heap
And on the top of the stack there was his bright blue jeep