Having a Friend
Here To Play

In 2012 two local Concord families invited the preschool class of their two
children over for a joint birthday party.  When I arrived the group of 4 year
olds were laughing and playing with each other throughout the
downstairs.  Likewise the adults were talking and eating and enjoying the
atmosphere just as much.  Preschool is a formative time for children as
well as families because it is often the first time they are part of a
community.  Parents and children share many joys and hardships over a
short time period and soon find comfort in these experiences.  

So whether you
're four or forty one . . .  

Having a Friend by Tim Seston

"Hey Finn," said Laura.  "Hey Laura," said Finn.
What a simple way for it to begin
"Hey Finn" said Laura "Come on over and play.
There's a lot we can do with each other today.

Whether you're four . . . or forty-one
Having a friend . . . is really fun
You can dance, draw a picture,
Maybe go for a walk,
Read a book, play a game,
Sit on the couch and simply talk
You can eat a yummy snack;
Do something silly when you're done
At any age having a friend,
Having a friend . . . is really fun

"Let's dance," said Laura. "Great idea," said Finn.
Let's pretend we're a train and we'll go for a spin
You be the locomotive chugging down the track
I'll be the red caboose and follow up from the back


"What's next?" asked Laura.  "Want to draw?" asked Finn.
"I'll get the crayons and paper,"  Laura said with a grin
They drew a great big house and a yard outside
With two children climbing up and sliding down the slide


"You hungry?" asked Laura.  "You bet," said Finn
Grilled cheeses are ready sit down and dig in
"Hey Finn," said Laura.  "Thanks for just being you."
"Hey Laura," said Finn.  "Thanks for being you too.


At any age having a friend, having a friend
Having a friend . . . is really fun