Rolling in the Mud
Here To Play

Luke is taking piano lessons with Anne Silverman.  Despite his cerebral
palsy he has surprising stamina in his otherwise weak core fingers on his
left hand to stay on the keys.  Nevertheless, he loves plunking out melodies
and did just that one day while practicing before his lesson.  

Meanwhile Owen was drawing pictures on a nearby white board.  With only
red and black markers to choose from, Owen first drew a crab and then a pig
rolling round in the mud.

Bouncing back and forth between the two boys, with my guitar in hand, I
began a little song.  Anne came:  we added a little more piano, she played
with some of the lyrics and  gave a few ideas for a melody change in the 4th

Owen and Luke gave their final approval and now want to add a verse about
the two animals getting on a train and going for a ride.  

Perhaps there is more to this song . . .

Rolling in the Mud by Tim Seston

Ba Da Da Da Da Da
Ba Da Da Da Dum
Ba Da Da Da Da Da
Ba Da Da Da Dum

Once there was a pig rolling in the mud
When a crab came and pinched his toe
What were a crab and a pig doing in the same place
Well that's anyone’s guess because I do not know

Well the pig said to the crab,
"Why did you just pinch me so hard?"
And the crab said to the pig,
"Why are you here rolling round in my back yard?"

The pig said, "It just seemed
To be a cool and wonderful place
To wash my belly, my back, my neck
My hands, my feet, and finally my face.

And I really didn't mean to be rude
And I really didn’t mean to intrude
But if you let me stay, I think there is a way
For a crab and a pig to be friends and just play."
The crab said, "I’m sorry and I hope you’re OK."  

Well the pig and the crab got on a train
And they went off on a ride
And what do you know
They found a pink flamingo
Who offered to be their guide

Hey crab!
Hey pig!
It's great to meet you!!!