Give a Smack-a-Doodle
Here To Play

When I am teaching preschool, I often say goodbye after class with a high five
or a pound or a hand shake.  One day a three year old boy asked if he could
give me a smack-a-doodle.

"What's that?"

"It's when I jump as high as I can and smack your hand."

"OK, sounds good"

I wrote this song that afternoon.

Give a Smack-a-Doodle by Tim Seston

Give a smack-a-doodle, big jump
Wrap your fingers tight, fist pump
After playing our music and it's time for goodbye
We like to pound, shake hands or give a little high five

So find yourself a partner bow to him or her
Then shake like a puppy who is drying its fur
Flap your arms like a bird flying up in the sky
Sing the chorus with me because it's time for goodbye


So find another partner who is close to you
Start hopping around like you're a kangaroo
Go swimming like a turtle in the deep blue sea
It's time for goodbye, sing the chorus with me


Find a final partner hurry up now please
Then act like a monkey swinging through the trees
Stomp like an elephant marching along
Let's all sing the chorus of our goodbye song